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Never quit your haverin'

A text-to-speech app for those who can't communicate with their natural voice.

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What is Haverin'?

Haverin' is a text-to-speech app. Type whatever you want, and Haverin' will speak it out loud for you. It's designed for people who can't communicate using their natural voice, so that they can continue to express their thoughts, desires, and feelings.

Haverin' is an example of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). There's loads more information about AAC available from organisations such as Communication Matters, the UK charity for people with complex communication needs.

Haverin' also happens to be a Scottish word.

Haverin' is on Windows 10

Haverin' is available from the Microsoft Store, for Windows 10 PCs.

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There's a two week free trial, so you can try the full functionality of the app before you decide whether or not to buy.

A screenshot of the main Haverin' app.


Type and speak

Type what you want to say, and Haverin' will say it out loud. You can type absolutely anything.

Save phrases and categories

Save your own phrases to use them again quickly. Save them in categories if you want to, or not. Filter phrases as you type, to get to what you want to say quickly. Sort phrases into categories, alphabetically, or by how recently or frequently they've been used.

Abbreviation expansion

Define abbreviations for frequently used phrases, to produce them easily and quickly. For example, type 'syl' and a space to have it expand to 'see you later!'.

Completely keyboard accessible

Access Haverin' using only keyboard shortcuts, including selecting saved phrases. Works with physical and on-screen keyboards. Can't remember the shortcuts? Turn them on in settings so they appear on screen wherever they can be used.

Flexible layout

The layout of Haverin' responds flexibly to the size of its window, so you can still use it while you're getting stuff done in other apps.


Text-to-speech apps don't always know how to pronounce certain words (often names of people or places). You can teach Haverin' how to pronounce words, by providing it with the correct spelling of the word and the way you want it pronounced.

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